Links & Resources

Below you will find a list of useful links catergorized by Community, Municipal Government, Federal/Provincial Government, Peel School Boards, Employment Services and News Outlets. If you click on the link, it will take your directly to the website of each topic. 

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 Community Links     

  1. The Riverwood Conservancy
  2. River Grove Community Centre
  3. Creditview Wetland
  4. LitterNot – Help Keep Mississauga Clean
  5. Safe City Mississauga



 Municipal Government     


  1. City of Mississauga
  2. Region of Peel
  3. Credit Valley Conservation
  4. Enersource
  5. Mi-Way Mississauga Transit
  6. Peel Regional Police
  7. Fire & Emergency Services


 Federal/Provincial Government   

  1. Government of Canada
  2. Parliament of Canada
  3. Government of Ontario
  4. Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  5. Political Riding Maps


 Peel School Boards      

  1. Peel District School Board
  2. Dufferin-Peel District School Board


 Employment Services    

  1. (City of Mississauga)
  2. The Region of Peel – Peel Job Postings
  3. vpi – Employment Services
  4. Mississauga YMCA Employment Resource Centre
  5. The Ontario Public Service Careers
  6. Service Canada Job Bank
  7. Charity Village


 News outlets      

  1. Mississauga News
  2. SNAP Newspaper
  3. Mississauga Life
  4. South Asian Focus
  5. Brampton Guardian
  6. The Haze 




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Below is a list of frequently asked question regarding compliance and licensing, parking and animal by-laws which come to the attention of my office.  For more detailed information, please visit the City of Mississauga’s website or contact the appropriate department directly.  Q. Can I park my car overnight on my street? …

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Responsibilities of Each Level of Government

  The Responsibilities of Each level of Government is listed below: Municipal Government Animal Services By-law enforcement Crossing Guards Economic Development Fires Libraries Licensing Local Roads (Repairs) Parks and Recreation Planning Snow Removal Taxation Transit Zoning Regional Government Planning Health & Safety Non-Profit Housing Police Regional Roads Long-Term Care Homes TransHelp Social Services Taxation Waste …

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